We digitize intralogistics and assembly. It’s not just optimization, it’s radically different and holistic thinking.

Our promise

Higher quality

Reliable picking and worker guidance

Guaranteed Supply

Automated reordering


Automated real time inventory without personal contact

Data acquisition

Digital sensors along the entire supply chain


Analysis and optimization of procurement processes

Cost reduction

Space saving & retrofit integration

Our products

Plug&Play Solu­ti­ons for a Smooth Inte­gra­ti­on into Exis­ting Processes



FATH Group

Traditional medium-sized company

  • lea­ding manu­fac­tu­rer of mecha­ni­cal engi­nee­ring com­pon­ents, mecha­ni­cal engi­nee­ring and mechatronics
  • Loca­ti­ons in Ger­ma­ny: Erlan­gen, Neu­markt and Spalt
  • over 350 employees
  • 20 sales part­ners in 18 countries
  • over 30% tur­no­ver in export

NÖGEL Montagetechnik

Supplier for trade and industry

  • Com­pa­ny head­quar­ters in Twist
  • Sup­plier of qua­li­ty pro­ducts to tra­de and indus­try for over 35 years
  • Sub­si­dia­ries and sales part­ners in over 50 coun­tries around the world
  • over 45,000 dif­fe­rent arti­cles for main con­struc­tion industry


ambos.io Wido Fath

Wido Fath

Mana­ging Director

Ear­ly Sta­ge Investor
COO ambos.io GmbH
ambos.io Fabian Bodensteiner

Fabian Bodensteiner

Mana­ging Director
Blac­bird Tech­no­lo­gies GmbH

Engi­neer, Co-Inventor
CEO and Co-Founder
ambos.io GmbH