Warehouse administration and worker guidance

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The app gui­des workers throughout the ent­i­re assem­bly process.

Enhanced Quality

  • Train and inst­ruct employees swift­ly and with high relia­bi­li­ty by com­pre­hen­si­ve digi­tal assem­bly assistance
  • Pro­cess con­trol in assembly
  • Weight sur­veil­lan­ce during and after assem­bly enab­les kit­ting application

Security of Supply

  • Exami­ne avail­ab­le stock befo­re start of assembly
  • Regis­ter stock chan­ges in real time
  • Noti­fi­ca­ti­on if arti­cle falls below ist spe­ci­fied reor­der threshold

The worker choo­ses an illus­tra­ted step-by-step inst­ruc­tion and can opt for batch production.

The app checks whe­ther all arti­cles necessa­ry for assem­bly are in stock.

During assem­bly, a color-coded pro­gress bar indi­ca­tes whe­ther the cor­rect amount of the right arti­cle has been with­drawn, in real time.

By cli­cing on the arrow or the but­ton on the Assem­bly Sta­ti­on, the next step is shown. It is also pos­si­ble to return to pre­vious steps.