Content Control

The single unit system for retrofitting assembly lines

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The Con­tent­Con­trol sets stan­dards in qua­li­ty manage­ment with exact and immedia­te feed­back of with­dra­wal, our assem­bly edi­tor for digi­tal inst­ruc­tions and the indi­vi­du­al inte­gra­ti­on into exis­tin MES sys­tems.


  • Space saving sys­tem
  • No con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on necessa­ry


  • cou­p­le up to 10 Con­tent­Con­trols
  • Con­nec­tion to the cloud via LTE gate­way, for taking full advan­ta­ge of the con­cept


  • Reli­able worker gui­d­ance with digi­tal inst­ruc­tions, assem­bly edi­tor an immedia­te about with­dra­wal with optio­nal exter­nal button/light
  • Inte­gra­ti­on into exis­ting assem­bly pro­ces­ses and MES sys­tems
  • Signi­fi­cant reduc­tion of requests


  • Tracking of stock
  • Gua­ran­te­ed reor­de­ring in time


The Con­tent­Con­trol is our sin­gle unit sys­tem for the retro­fit inte­gra­ti­on into assem­bly lines.

The inte­gra­ted weight sen­sors detect the exact stock in real time.
Com­bi­ning the assem­bly edi­tor, the expan­da­ble worker gui­d­ance via optio­nal but­ton or light and the optio­nal inte­gra­ti­on into exis­ting MES sys­tems, the Con­tent­Con­trol sets stan­dards in the qua­li­ty manage­ment in the assem­bly pro­cess.

If an arti­cle falls below its spe­ci­fied reor­der thres­hold, a noti­fi­ca­ti­on is sent to trig­ger the reor­der pro­cess. This ensu­res a gua­ran­te­ed sup­ply at all times.