Pick By Light

The Refinement for Storage and Assembly

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The ambos.io Pick by Light Sys­tem inte­gra­tes digi­tal inst­ruc­tions and indi­ca­tes the place and num­ber of items to be taken and con­firms with­dra­wal. If an item falls below the spe­ci­fied reor­der thres­hold, the reor­de­ring pro­cess is trig­ge­red automatically.


  • Reli­able worker gui­d­ance with pick by light and dis­play of with­dra­wal quantity
  • Paper­less acknowledgement
  • Reduc­tion of picking time


  • Con­nec­tion to the ambos.io cloud via gate­way (pick
    by light con­trol­ler and con­trol unit)
  • One gate­way can sup­ply 4 working pla­ces or racks with 200 pick by light ele­ments each
  • Inte­gra­ti­on into exis­ting sys­tems and processes


  • Gua­ren­te­ed sup­ply due to auto­ma­tic trig­ge­ring of reordering


  • Admi­nis­tra­ti­on in the ambos.io app, taking full
    advan­ta­ge of the ambos.io system
  • Fle­xi­ble and dyna­mic lin­king with articles
  • Stock main­ten­an­ce, tracking & batch traceability


The pick by light sys­tem can be used for opti­mi­zed assem­bly and sto­rage pro­ces­ses. Each sto­rage loca­ti­on is equip­ped with one pick by light element.

The opti­cal signal con­sists of an illu­mi­na­ted ring and a digi­tal dis­play. It indi­ca­tes the posi­ti­on and num­ber of arti­cles to pick. To con­firm the action, workers push the but­ton.
The new stock will be sent to a gate­way and on to the ambos.io cloud. When an arti­cle falls below its spe­ci­fied reor­der thres­hold, reor­de­ring can be triggered.