Storage Tower

The Smart Storage System

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The Sto­rage­Tower is a digi­tal wareh­ouse. It keeps track of the cur­rent stock at all times and trig­gers rep­le­nish­ment accord­in­gly. Reli­able worker gui­d­ance opti­mi­zes the qua­li­ty management.

Adjustable Solution

  • Com­bi­na­ti­on of any desi­red num­ber of units
  • All units in one com­pa­ny are inter­con­nec­ted – any place
  • Expan­da­ble, any time

Smart Sensor Technology

  • Inte­gra­ted weight sen­sor on each disk regis­ters chan­ges in stock in real time
  • Optio­nal dome scan­ner detects boxes automatically
  • Optio­nal manu­al scan­ner sim­pli­fies picking
  • Com­ple­te over­view of stock, any time

Easy Installation

  • Modu­lar design: basis modu­le with com­pu­ter unit and disks
  • Plug-in con­nec­tion of disks
  • Quick picking with simp­le wiring

Organized Storage – Little Space Required

  • Disk modu­les sta­cked atop each other
  • Disk modu­les rota­te independently
  • 18 boxes per disk, load capa­ci­ty of 5 kg each
  • 108 arti­cles on less than 1 squa­re meter
  • FIFO princip­le possible

The Sto­rage Tower is a smart and inno­va­ti­ve sto­rage sys­tem with inte­gra­ted weight sen­sors and an optio­nal dome scanner.

Increased Quality

  • Digi­tal picking lists and the pick by light sys­tem sup­port picking
  • Gua­ran­te­ed avai­la­bi­li­ty of the right arti­cle at the right time
  • Optio­nal tracking of refill time

Process Optimization

  • Ana­ly­sis and opti­miz­a­ti­on of reor­der processes
  • Optio­nal con­nec­ti­vi­ty to exis­ting sys­tems (ERP, MES, WMS)